Saturday, July 6, 2013

computer desk: barn beams, galvanized pipe, maple ply.


  1. I see that I am probably a few years late on this, but that desk is absolutely beautiful. Do you have a parts list of what all you used to build it?

    1. Jeremie,

      Thank You!

      I don't have a complete breakdown, but would be happy to measure it out for you, and tell you what you need, if you'd like to build one, or something similar. Sitting at the desk at present, with a tape, so it would be no problem. Let me know. Be happy to walk you through it, take pics, whatever ... as long as you don't mass produce the desk and make a fortune ;)

  2. I'm surprised you haven't found a way to mass produce them and make a fortune! The wife and I live in a small apartment and were just thinking that this could be a project we could do together since we need a desk anyway. We would love any information you could provide, I know we have both fallen in love with your desk!